Grapevine music awards 2017

Kraumur awards 2017

Straumur: 17th best Icelandic track of the year, 19.12.2017

Rolling Stones – Iceland Airwaves 2017: 7 Best Things We Saw

This Icelandic singer and programmer, one third of the electro-gothic trio Kaelan Mikla, was described to me as the local “high priestess of dark wave.” What I actually got was a loamy-alto vocal noir set in cello-register soundscapes played on an iPad: a tablet-age reincarnation of the post–Velvet Underground Nico, in the harmonium-wasteland setting of 1969’s The Marble Index and 1970’s Desertshore. Released in December, 2016, Unexplained Miseries sets Matthildur’s arias further back in the twilight – and drawing you with them.

– David Fricke, 13.11.2017

Reykjavík Grapevine – Airwaves Friday Super Review, Pt. 1: Goth Gloom, Cheesy Rap, Explosive Parties

My main act for Airwaves Friday was the opener at the beautiful lakeside Iðnó concert hall: Sólveig Matthildur. Her 2017 album ‘Unexplained Miseries & The Acceptance of Sorrow’ has been blowing my mind since it was released—the spacious, melancholic production is enticing and hypnotic, and Sólveig’s huge voice seems to come from the core of her being. Live, it’s truly special—the vast, booming, echoing sound emerged from clouds of smoke and arterial red lighting, creating an atmospheric fog that sent jolts of adrenaline through my bloodstream. Sólveig’s music delivers intense, affecting emotion at a voltage that genuinely feels electric. During the final song, she crushed some roses and let the red petals rain down onto the stage, holding her face with both hands and sinking to her knees, overwhelmed by performing. My jaw dropped, and my eyes filled with tears—we were with her every step of the way.

Interview: Mind Clouds & Exploding Hearts: Sólveig Matthildur Synthesizes Emotion Into Music, 26.07.2017

Straumur: 4th best Icelandic album of the year, 15.12.2017

Stereo Gum – 8 Memorable Icelandic Acts At Iceland Airwaves 2017

The counterpoint to Between Mountains on Sunday was Sólveig Matthildur. She performed solo, bathed in dramatic purple and red lighting and backed with heaving and twisting electronics. It was a gothic and foreboding brand of synth-pop fitting for the horrific weather that befell the festival’s end — a hellish mix of severe winds, rain, and snow that led to all flights being cancelled and the roads surrounding Reykjavik being shut down. If you were one of the lucky ones that escaped inside to the dark little club Matthildur was playing in, you would’ve found a set that channeled Zola Jesus-style apocalyptic, cosmic power.

– Ryan Leas, 06.11.2017

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